Mentoring and support for analysts. We work together to bring data analysis and visualization in your company to the next level.

The data mentoring service helps the data teams understand the impact of data, and communicate it to the whole organization. We usually work on a one to one basis with analysts, following a carefully thought training plan, and offering specific support on demand.

The data mentoring service is designed to make the most of analysts within the organization. Junior analysts will accelerate their integration in the company, quickly offering insights based on data. Senior analysts will have access to specialised support for advanced projects or tools.

Topics usually covered in data mentoring

We can prepare the data mentoring service from a mix of the following topics, or others.

What is the use of data in a business and organizational context

What are the responsibilities of an analyst

What skills are needed to be a top analyst

How is a data team organized within a company

How and when to use the different data analysis and visualization tools

How and when to integrate advanced statistics in data analysis

Dashboard design

Keynote and report design – storytelling with data


This is a taylor-made service adapts to the needs of every company and the analysts that will participate in the program.

The first step is to meet and understand the needs of the people that will participate in the mentoring program. What is their objective in the organisation? What are their responsibilities? What skills do they need to learn? How much time can they dedicate to learning? Do they need support for certain tasks?

Together with you, we will design a training and support plan that will meet specific objectives and needs. Furthermore, we will define a series of milestones and projects that will be used to evaluate the development of the mentoring program.

Their endless passion to learn, together with their experience in the data field, represent and excellent balance of technical knowledge and strategic focus.

Adam Barnes

Web Product Owner, Vueling Airlines

Who do we train?

We train all kinds of companies and organizations, for instance: media agencies, e-commerce, media, universities, NGOs, governments, mobile apps, advertising and communication agencies, consulting companies, technology companies, etc.

Course attendants usually come from the following backgrounds: analysts, marketing & communication professionals, consultants, researchers, journalists, teachers, etc. In general, anybody that needs to obtain knowledge from data, and present it in a way that is clear, efficient and persuasive.



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